Refund Policy

We have a very strict NO REFUND policy due to the speed of our mining structure and cloud mining earnings are paid out.

A Customer is able to purchase the cloud mining power using a variety of payment methods.

A Customer has the right not to pay for the order in case the order has been created but not yet paid, if the Customer decides not to complete the order. The order will change the status to “Timeout” after a given period of time (dependent on the payment method) and the Customer will not be obliged to proceed with the order. Foxy Mining will not process requests to cancel unpaid orders, as it is intended the unpaid orders stay in “Timeout” status.

A Customer is solely responsible for the accuracy of payment

If the Customer initiates the payment with incorrect details and/or to the wrong destination account, Foxy Mining will attempt, if possible, to process the order in a timely matter. If the destination address does not belong to Foxy Mining (directly or via a third-party service) and/or is not related to Foxy Mining in any way, Foxy Mining will not be held responsible and will decline any claims.

Foxy Mining is not obliged to proactively resolve payment related issues without a claim submitted by the Customer.

In case of payment related issues a claim must be raised:

A Customer has the right to raise a payment related claim/dispute by contacting support within 14 days from the creation of payment with proof of payment. Requests submitted after 14 days may not be processed.

Foxy Mining reserves the right to request proof of payment if there are suspicions of malicious activity. The Customer is obliged to provide proof of payment within 14 days of reception of such a request.

Proof of payment includes but is not limited to: Foxy Mining wallet, unique transaction ID or number, destination account, transferred amount, account statement from the payment system used.

If proof of payment is not provided within 14 days or provided proof is deemed insufficient and/or invalid:

If the claim was initiated by a Customer: Foxy Mining reserves the right to decline Customer’s claim(s);

Unless otherwise provided by law or by a particular offer, all purchases are final and non-refundable. Foxy Mining reserves the right to issue refunds at Foxy Mining’s sole discretion. This refund policy does not affect any statutory rights that may apply.

In case of a refund:


Customer will receive a reimbursement of spent funds to start the service, unless any funds were withdrawn from Customer’s Account Balance. If any profit amount was successfully withdrawn from the Account Balance, no refund requests will be processed on said Account.

Notice: your payment will be refunded without the profit from mining!

Foxy Mining has the right to nullify or deduct any hashrate and/or funds mined by the hashrate of the refunded purchase from the Customer’s Account Balance.

Foxy Mining is not obliged to reimburse any funds spent for the Maintenance and Electricity Fees.