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Foxy Mining is a global online cloud mining platform that allows you to have access to the most innovative blockchain-based cryptocurrency technologies.

Our goal in the US is to demonstrate what blockchain technology should be and how this technology can transform your lives.

Explore the Power of Chinese Mining

Thanks to the May 2021 Chinese crackdown on cryptocurrency mining, Foxy Mining now gives you the power to gain the most out of crypto assets and leads you towards the future shaped by blockchain technology.

The Biggest Mining Center in U.S

In May 2021 Foxy Mining announced the acquisition of Whinstone U.S., the owner-operator of North America’s single largest Bitcoin mining and hosting facility. Whinstone Mining Center is based in Rockdale, Texas and its facility is located on a 100-acre site, hosting mining rigs in three buildings totaling 190,000 square feet. Our mining center is subject to a long-term lease agreement with Riot Blockchain, with electricity provided via a long-term power supply contract.

Since this, the Foxy Mining team has worked on creating the largest hosting company in North America. Pairing low cost of energy and a market-leading experienced development and operations team, Foxy Mining has been able to build the largest cryptocurrency mining hosting campus as measured by machines operational and megawatts developed at a single site.

Foxy Mining's team of professionals uses cutting-edge technology and comprehensive analytics to deliver industry-leading reliability and responsiveness.



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Foxy’s leadership team, together with our diverse colleagues, brings years of experience and results in leading global blockchain efforts.